News Release
September 11, 2000



Itís Fun! Itís Funky! Itís Flipper! No, wait Ö Itís "Dolphins on Parade" in Key West and the Florida Keys!

Similar to the successful "Chicago Cows" art event, "Dolphins on Parade" is designed to focus attention on the Florida Keys as a national and international arts and cultural destination. It will span the length of the Florida Keys, offering residents and visitors a 110-mile art exhibit to enjoy!

Wooden dolphins are sponsored by local businesses and individuals. Artists throughout the Keys will receive these almost life-sized wooden dolphins, which they will then turn into original works of art. As of September 1, 60 businesses or individuals throughout the Keys have expressed an interest in sponsoring dolphins.

The dolphins will be on display at the sponsorís choice of locations until theyíre auctioned in the spring of 2001 at gala events throughout the Florida Keys. Maps pinpointing the dolphinsí locations and numerous special events are being planned throughout the Florida Keys during the upcoming winter season.

For more information on this fun and funky art event in the Florida Keys, contact the Monroe Council of the Arts at 305-294-4406. Or email

Everyone is invited to join the parade of dolphins in the Florida Keys this winter