For Immediate Release           Contact: Hal Howland

March 27, 2001                        305-294-4406



Arts Council Offers $15,000 Performing-Arts Award


The Monroe Council of the Arts is pleased to offer the $15,000 Renaissance Award to an emerging performing artist in Monroe County.


The purpose of the award is to enable a talented emerging artist to work on the creation and performance of music, drama, or dance.


For the purposes of this award, an emerging artist is defined as an artist whose work has received some public notice or acclaim by peers.  The applicant must be working part-time in composition or performance with the desire and ability to devote him- or herself full-time to the creation and performance of new art.


The artist must submit a ten-minute audio or video tape or disc, a resume, and a statement to demonstrate that the award is necessary to pursue the work.  The resume must verify that the applicant has performed in a public setting within the past two years.  The applicant must agree to give a public performance by the end of the award period.  The artist must be a resident of Monroe County.


The Renaissance Award is supported by private funds.  Other media will be considered for future awards.  The award will be made to the applicant who, in the professional judgment of the panelists, combines artistic promise and excellence with financial need.


The application deadline is July 31, 2001.  To receive an application, call Hal Howland at 852-1469 ext. 4369, 743-0079 ext. 4369, or 294-4406.