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Music in the Airport!


The Florida Keys Council of the Arts is pleased to announce the installation of Music in the Airport! now playing at the Key West International Airport.

Thanks to support from Mayor Dixie Spehar, the Monroe Board of County Commissioners and airport Manager Peter Horton, airport visitors now hear original, local music recorded by talented local musicians.

Sound engineer Dan Simpson and Melody Cooper of Private Ear compiled hours of great tunes on multiple CDs and installed the state-of-the-art system for broadcast in the airport arrival and departure areas.

Featured musicians will rotate in the future. On the air now are:

Din Allen, Scott Kirby, Terry Cassidy, Christine Cordone, Ben Harrison, Debra and Patrick, Piece of Pi, C.W. Colt, One World, Joel Nelson, The Survivors, Melody Cooper, Solares Hill String Band, Gary Zimmerman, Vicky Rousch, Scott Kirby, Michael McCloud, Skipper Kripitz and Richard Tazwell, Pat McCuen, Robert Hutto, Barry Cuda, Little Boy Flowers, Gert Rube, Bill Blue and the Nervous Guys, Jarod Hobgood, Larry Smith, Michael Hughes, Sir Cedric Luces, Cathy Grier,Coffee Butler, Bobby Nesbitt, Aye, Steve Allerton, Frank Wood and the Key West Symphony Orchestra.

Music in Public Places is the newest addition to the variety of Art in Public places programs managed by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts. For general information and calls to artists, visit the website at For information on displaying work specifically at the Key West International Airport, contact Larry Sullivan at (305) 515-2962 or e-mail



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