Florida Keys Council of the Arts
Honors Commissioner Murray Nelson


Commissioner Murray Nelson was recognized by the Florida Keys Council of the Arts and the Community Foundation for his devoted and invaluable services to the arts council. Pictured left to right are Monica Haskell, Commissioner Murray Nelson and Mary Nelson at the Community Foundation luncheon held at the Wyhdham Casa Marina in Key West.

In awarding the certificate of appreciation, Ms. Haskell, President and Executive Director of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, said, "Murray Nelson is always an outspoken supporter of the Florida Keys Council of the Arts. In his roles as county mayor, commissioner and private citizen he champions the cause of arts and culture in the Keys.

"Murray understands the vital role of the arts in interpreting and celebrating who we are as human beings. He knows the value of the arts in all of our lives - from school children to senior citizens to our many island visitors.

"We salute his grace and his courage in living his life fully while undergoing treatment for stomach cancer. We are very grateful for the gift of his presence in our lives."

March 6 , 2006


Monica Haskell
Florida Keys Council of the Arts