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Keys Coop

Culture Magazine 2013

For the fourteenth straight year, the Cultural Umbrella will publish its cultural magazine. Culture 2013 will feature a yearly calendar of cultural and artistic events, articles on Drive By Art (public art and historical monuments) and Voluntourism, plus a cover pictorial from a resident Keys artist.Culture Magazine 2012 Cover


The four-color magazine will be inserted into In-Room Concierge, which will be in 6,500 guest rooms throughout the Keys reaching approximately 1,186,250 visitors annually. We will also have 13,000 overruns of this publication for distribution at all chambers, galleries, and at various domestic and international trade shows. 


Advertising space is available in Culture 2013 for local artists, galleries, theaters, etc. Co-Op participation is an out-of-county permissible expense. If seeking reimbursement for ad placement from the TDC, your ad must include the Florida Keys & Key West out-of-county logo. We encourage galleries to take advantage of this opportunity to promote dated events as a part of their effort. Please note the date of publication and distribution will be in late November 2012 and the magazine will be available as a PDF to download by November 7th with distribution in hotel rooms as part of the In-Room Concierge by December 1st. Your check will be your space reservation. First come, first served. 


- 13,000 Freestanding inserts distributed to chambers, galleries, etc. 
- Inclusion in the In-Room Concierge reaching over 1.18 million visitors annually 
- Available as a PDF file downloadable on (3,667 downloads annually).


Insertion Date: Annual 2013
TDC Ad Size: Width - 2 1/8 x Height - 2 15/16 (300 DPI)
Participation Rate: $500  

Sign-up Closing Date: 7/20/12 
Payment Due By: 7/20/12 





Participation is not guaranteed until a check for payment is received on or before the closing date to:

Tinsley Advertising
2000 S. Dixie Highway

Suite 201

Miami, FL 33133

Find out about all co-op programs by visiting the Keys co-op website:

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Taylor-Smith (
or John Underwood 800-273-1242 (from the keys) or 305-856-6060 (from elsewhere).