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2015-2016 Arts Council Funded Projects.

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Florida Keys Arts Council Funded Projects
Artists in Schools Grants - Spring 2014 - Fall 2015

The Florida Keys Arts Council gives out yearly grants totaling....Calls go out in spring and fall for ....

Artist in Schools Keys Arts

The Fabulous Flora and Fauna of the Florida Keys Project

Initially, students of Plantation Key School were asked to chose a Florida bird and research it through books and technology. Once finished, the students visited the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center in Tavernier with teachers Ms. Milchman and Ms. Harrelson, to learn more about the Florida Keys birds and why they are important to the environment from education coordinator, Ian Martin. After, artist Kati Meroni visited the students to teach them advanced painting techniques in order to create “Bird Portraits.” Not only did students learn creative artistic techniques through this project, but also that it is imperative to live with respect for our environment and the wildlife around us.

Artist in Schools Keys Arts

Basic Guitar Lessons

With a goal to teach chords and progressions, musician Roger Welch inspired his 4th and 5th grade students to appreciate the art of music through this program. Each classroom session at Gerald Adams Elementary School, Mr. Welch, and his teaching assistant, Ashley Henriquez, and the students practiced and learned how to play guitar. By the end of three months, Mr. Welch reported an increase in attention, an improvement in hand/eye coordination, and a growth of creativity in these special need students.

Artist in Schools Keys Arts

The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum Conservation Challenge

By partnering the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum with the Monroe County School System, Monica Brook showed students what happens to ceramic artifacts recovered from historic shipwrecks and how conservators and archeologists rely on artistic and scientific skills to reconstruct and conserve these artifacts. Through vocabulary lessons, problem solving activities, and teamwork challenges, she gave students a better understanding that art not only needs to be protected from future damage but also proactively cared for over time to keep from deteriorating.

Artist in Schools Keys Arts

Fabric Art

Artist Margo Ellis encouraged students with emotional and behavioral disabilities to participate in creative play to enhance their kinesthetic and sensory modalities. With the help from teacher Lance Benson, they provided art supplies to their students who behaved beautifully throughout the week at Gerald Adams Elementary School. With the fabric, fiber, and other art supplies, the class would participate in creating tie dyed t-shirts, Mother’s Day scarves, heart pillows, Dr. Suess’ birthday hats, and quilt blocks. All quilt blocks were entered in a contest at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.

Artist in Schools Keys Arts

Shakespeare in Schools

By visiting the Gerald Adams Elementary School and the Poinciana Elementary School in Key West, Nancy 3. Hoffman, with the help of teachers Ralph Garcia and Tyler Smith, was able to bring international folk music and dance to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students. During classroom sessions they taught students different songs and dances from around the world. These sessions culminated in a final performance in each school. This program provided a new exposure to music, an opportunity for students to learn about other cultures and the arts in those cultures, and an appreciation for diversity.

Artist in Schools Keys Arts

Dancing Classrooms through H.O.P.E

For the Educational Coalition for Monroe County, artist Nina Locardi, visited Marathon High School students to teach them social skills and respect through the art of ballroom dance. Students learned many dances including the rumba, salsa, tango and foxtrot. This project ended with a beautiful performance by the participating classrooms. The lessons gave students an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of dance, encouraged them to have a healthy life style while and taught them how to build honest and trusting relationships with their peers.